We believe God has called us to strengthen his church to the praise of his glory in South America. Accordingly, we focus our efforts on the planting and strengthening of local churches. Making disciples who will be godly leaders in their congregations is one of the primary means of accomplishing this calling.

We are currently serving with AVANT which is primarily involved in Short Cycle Church Planting in countries less than 2% evangelized.  South American Missions (SAM) is involved in church planting and leadership training in five countries throughout South America. Short-Cycle Church Planting is a team-based approach to church planting.

We aim to develop mature, reproducing churches led by nationals in as short of time as possible.  With this approach, the elements of the church-planting process, from language learning to evangelism to leadership development, are undertaken simultaneously and accomplished as efficiently as possible.

Sending Agency: AVANT, Kansas City, Missouri USA
Sending Church:  Auke Bay Bible Church, Juneau, Alaska USA