Our goal at Black Forest Academy, which is located in Kandern, Germany, is to teach and mentor the missionary kids that God brings to our school.  Whether we are teaching them in the classroom, coaching them in wrestling, or teaching them a piano lesson, we are helping to equip them to become globally-minded Christians who will be contributing participants and bring positive influence to their world.

One of the main reasons missionaries leave their field of ministry is because of the educational needs of their children.  Our school strives to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs of the teen-aged missionary kids that come to our school. This enables their parents to continue on in the ministry that God has called them to do.  If they have to leave their field of ministry, it will take years for another couple or family to “take their place” as they work on learning the language, and the culture, and developing friendships that then would enable them to share the gospel with people around them.

Sending Mission Agency:  Teach Beyond (formerly Janz Team Ministries)
Sending Home Church:  Prairie Tabernacle Congregation, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

Teaching History